About Us

“SAMADHAN” is the brand under which large number of dedicated professionals throughout the nation collaborate to provide consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services to select clients. Also as part of our social responsibility, we are committed towards our mission to create Entrepreneurs & Industry Ready Professionals through our social enterprise.

SAMADHAN is offering full range of consultancy services under their Consulting firm “SAMADHAN Associates Private Limited”, which include Project Consultancy along with Financial Research & Analysis, Technical Evaluation with Valuation & Survey work, advisory services in the fields of Financial & Legal matters, Taxation consultancy in direct & indirect taxation, Company law matters and various allied services. The company has vast pool Of Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, MBAs, Advocates, Technocrats, Architects, and Valuers etc.  Whose experience within their respective field ranges from 5 to 25 years.

The objective of floating SAMADHAN is to act as a single window solution for the businessman of today. In this globalized world, change is the only thing constant and, the more innovations a businessman brings to his business, the brighter are the chances of him succeeding and sustaining. It is with this theory that SAMADHAN tries to bail you out at every step. We help our clients find business solutions by combining a mindset with the expert talents of our people. We provide industry-focused assurance, tax, advisory and consulting services for public and private clients. We use our network, experience and business understanding to build faith and create value for our clients.

SAMADHAN is committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. Through our NGO “SAMADHAN Samiti”, we are designing and delivering our social services that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Entrepreneurship has been considered the backbone of economic development. It has been well established that the level of economic growth of a region to a large extent, depends on the level of entrepreneurial activities in the region. The myth that entrepreneurs are born, no more holds good, rather it is well recognised now that the entrepreneurs can be created and nurtured through appropriate interventions in the form of entrepreneurship development programmes. As part of our social services, various Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP) are being organized regularly to nurture the talent of youth by enlightening them on various aspects of industrial activity required for setting up their business.

Vocational Education and Training is a critical element in supporting and accelerating development, inclusive growth and poverty reduction through economic transformation and job creation. At SAMADHAN, we provide formal vocational training and new forms of skill development which equip people with the skills enabling them to get good jobs and to face the key challenges posed by globalization. We aim to make vocational skills accessible to anyone, anywhere in the country through a blended learning model.

Our values unite our people, guide our behaviors and underpin everything we do. Therefore, no matter where your business operates you can be sure to receive the very best which SAMADHAN has to offer. Our values support our efforts in making a difference to our clients, colleagues and the communities we serve.

Vision and Goals

The Team

Highly skilled and self-motivated professionals with a proven track record of success. Noted for excellent communication and strategic skills, as well as the ability to develop and maintain business relationships. Consistently recognized for effectiveness and an excellent work ethic. A proven track record of dependability, integrity and professionalism.

The Vision

The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be;  the vision of an entrepreneur.

The Goal

To provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the highest quality accounting, tax planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by a professional team that clearly enjoys working together to exceed their clients’ needs. Our vision is to serve a businessman or an entrepreneur at his door step with a complete single window concept. When anyone thinks about a business then it becomes a mission for us to help him/her with all the hassle free services yielding high quality in a cost effective manner.

Traditionally a consultancy firm focuses on tax or accounting aspects of business but we think about our client, need based solution at every step of his business since dream of a project till establishment and work as an associates of his business during running of a business. We also serve a consultant role in regulatory & statutory compliance of a business to support and playing an active role in clients’ businesses through ground support and advisory functions.

Our Services focus on management support services that are geared towards growing and strengthening our client’s business, where we work in tandem with the owners & management.

Our vision is to offer comprehensive business project, finance, accounting, registration and tax related services and assist enterprises to tackle complex situations in the fast changing scenarios of business with the power of rightful decision making.

We seek to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients by providing them quality services which are personalized, reliable and value driven. Commitment to provide:

  • Quality, cost-effective service
  • Continuous accessibility
  • Sound business advice
  • High ethical and professional standards

Our professional approach blended with personal attention has resulted in our clients reposing their faith which is reflected in the long standing relationship that we enjoy with them.


The industry-focused services provided to public and private clients bring value to business through sharing quality solutions. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to provide services beyond the audit and taxation lines we are known for. We take pride in delivering value-added services by helping our clients improve transparency, overnance accountability, and financial performance and return.

We provide wide range of business consultancy under following domains:



Financial Statement
Consultancy Services
Accounting Advisory
Capital Market Service
Internal Control Review


Corporate Tax
Transfer Pricing
Mergers & Acquisition
Transaction & Lead Advisory
Corporate value Advisory
Value Added Tax
Investment Management
Business Recovery Services
Compliance & Outsourcing


Project Finance Services
Project Management
Forensic & Security Services
Operations Management
(SOP Implementation)
Company Law Services
Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainbility
Software Development Services
Allied Business Services



Corporate and Retail Finance Support
Corporate Credit Research
Research and Analysis of company financials
Model Development and Maintenance
Financial Structuring of Business
Credit Rating & ISO Services


Lender Engineering Services
Valuation of Land & Building
Valuation of Plant & Machinery
Insurance Surveyor
Market & Research of Quality Suppliers
Turnkey Project
Environment Agency for water/salt Testing
Mortgage and Capital Raising
Assets for Acquisition & Disposal


Technical Feasibility
Economical Feasibility
Financial Feasibility
Operational Feasibility


India is becoming the Financial Research hub of the world due to its skilled manpower, scalability and economic leverage. Apart from cost considerations, regulatory measures have also enhanced off shoring of financial research services to a great extent.

SAMADHAN has recruited Financial Researchers and analysts comprising Chartered Accountants and MBAs to enable companies to outsource their analytics and quantitative financial research requirements to us.

Our skilled financial analysts and researchers offer clear and cost effective labor, along with scalability thus making our outsourcing more effective. Our Financial Research & Analysis Services cover the followings:

■ Corporate and Retail Finance support
■ Corporate Credit Research
■ Research and Analysis of company financials
■ Model development and maintenance
■ Project Evaluation Work
■ Financial structuring of Business
■ Credit Rating
■ ISO certification


■ Techno Economic Viability Study & Feasibility reports provides appraisal of technological parameters of a project     and its impact on the financial viability of project.
■ TEV study is a risk mitigation task undertaken in respect of any industrial activity prior to decision taken by bank,    whether Bank should lend for such project or not.
■ It is imperative that no project can be absolutely risk less, the analysis of the degree of technical risk and associated  financial viability, by performing Techno-Economic Viability Study (TEVS) is to assist bank & regulatory bodies to      take a view on the acceptability of risk level.
■ The purpose of TEV Study is to provide utility to the sanctioning authority to conclude at an informed judgment as     regards acceptance of the project for lending (or investment) purpose.
■ TEV study takes into account market, regulatory, and standards- related product and also financials. To carry out      critical analysis of technical feasibility, we must have enough knowledge; economic & regulatory environment to         discuss what has been presented by the creator and proposed improvement to bring the projects.
Carrying out technical viability broadly requires analysis of following parameters:
■ Technical Feasibility
■ Economic Feasibility
■ Financial Feasibility
■ Operational Feasibility


We provide high quality assurance services to our clients belonging to various industries, while enabling them comply with requisite requirements in the robust environment of regulations and the Accounting standards.

In an era where investors and other stakeholders demand transparent financial reporting, we provide our clients with robust and challenging services. As part of our hands-on approach to all our clients – whether they are large or small, wen take the time to get to know everyone who is involved with the process, while encouraging them to provide their valuable insight into the industry and the marketplace in which they operate their business.

We keep all our clients up-to-date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and technical changes, through the year, while also providing appropriate advice to maximise the potential of their business.


Our assurance services cover the following:

1. Financial Statements Review
■ Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
■ IFRS Reporting
2. Management Consultancy Services (Independent, objective consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organisation’s operation)
■ Business Strategy/ transformation/training
■ Internal Control Review
■ Compliance Review
3. Accounting advisory Navigating the changing landscape of financial reporting
■ IFRS convergence
■ Managing accounting changes
■ Accounting advice and support relating to events and transactions
■ Training in financial reporting

4. Capital market services Leverage deep knowledge of both the Indian and global exchanges and regulatory processes to provide assistance in addressing new challenges of the current economic environment.
■ Reporting on financial track records in prospectus
■ Reporting on pro forma, forecast and projections
■ Comfort letters on prospectus disclosures
5. ■ Independent Controls & Systems Process Assurance
■ Internal control optimisation
■ Third-party assurance and compliance with regulatory requirements
■ ERP assurance, pre-and post-implementation system reviewing
■ Data management systems audit (e.g., data quality review and computer-assisted audit techniques)
■ Internal Controls
■ Compliance


The changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenge large and growing businesses, particularly those operating on a broader scale.
How your business meets this challenge can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. The more your business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.
SAMADHAN can help you minimise your tax exposure and highlight the risks presented by constantly evolving and increasingly complex legislation.
Drawing on our knowledge and understanding of tax regimes prevalent at state as well as central level, we offer timely information and independent advice.
Through legitimate planning, we consider issues that arise within specific types of tax, as well as the tax implications of a new project, or a change to the business.
We work with you to develop bespoke tax-planning strategies suitable for your specific business structure, and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help you understand and minimise the tax challenges your business faces.

Our comprehensive suite of tax and regulatory services includes the following:

1. Corporate tax
■ Tax Structuring & Planning
■ Monthly & Annual Compliance
■ Tax Diagnostic Review
■ Rulings
2. International tax
■ Tax Planning
■ Tax Advisory
■ Permanent Establishment exposure
■ Tax Treaty Application

3. Transfer pricing (TP)
■ TP documentation
■ Risk assessment & defence
■ TP planning
■ Review of Agreements from a Transfer Pricing Perspective
■ Structuring Cost Sharing Arrangements for Inter-Company Transactions
4. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
■ Investment structuring
■ Tax due diligence
■ Structuring Cost Sharing Arrangements for Inter-Company Transactions
■ Transaction Implementation Assistance (Including Post-
Implementation Assistance
5. Transaction Services
■ Financial and Tax Due Diligence,
■ Performance Achievements and Identification of Deal Exposure
and Deal Breakers
■ Review and Inputs on Sale and Purchase Agreements and Other
Deal Agreements
■ Transaction Structuring Analysis and Advice
6. Lead Advisory
■ Mergers & Acquisitions
■ Divestments
■ Private Equity Transactions
■ Strategic Options Analysis
■ Privatisations/Public Private Partnerships (Ppp)
■ Ipos And Fund Raisings
7. VAT
■ Registrations
■ Monthly & Annual Compliances
■ Assisting in Annual Assessments
■ Tax structuring & planning
■ Rulings
8. Customs
■ Valuation & classification
■ Post clearance issues resolution
■ Trade issues
■ Customs disputes
■ Customs planning
9. Investment And Corporate Services
■ Investment: PMA establishment & compliance
■ Payroll services
■ Liquidation
10. Compliance & Outsourcing
■ Maintenance Of Books Of Accounts
■ Payroll Processing, Including Withholding Tax
■ Computation And Deposit Of Withholding Tax With The Government Treasury As Well As Filing Associated Returns
■ Accounts Payable/ Receivable Processing
■ Banking Support
■ Preparation Of Final Accounts
■ Audit Support
11. Corporate Value Advisory
■ Valuation of businesses, assets and shares
■ Transaction Negotiation
■ Shareholder Value Management
■ Accounting Valuation
■ Tax Valuation
12. Business Recovery Services
■ Corporate Restructuring
■ Debt Restructuring and Refinancing
■ Distressed Merger and Acquisition
■ Non-performing Loan Sale and Acquisition
■ Business Turn Around
■ Optimised E


SAMADHAN’s Business Advisory Services (BAS) group can assist you with all types of corporate transactions. Our BAS team is here to answer all your strategic and financial management advisory needs.
Our BAS comprises of a suite of strategy consulting capabilities which are directed towards enabling you to seamlessly achieve your business and operational objectives. We have designed our advisory services to unlock the potential for growth for our dynamic clients. Leveraging on the ability of our professionals to offer distinctive, high quality and personalised services to businesses worldwide, we have emerged as the partners of choice for decision makers. Our strength lies in our ability to combine Reason and Instinct to solve complex business challenges for our dynamic clients.
If you are looking to acquire, divest, list or raise capital, then you should speak to one of our specialists who can advise you on all intricacies related to these transactions.

1. Project Finance Services
■ Investment Appraisal
■ Financial Plan and Risk Analysis
■ Financial Restructuring
■ Debt Syndication
■ Commercial Negotiations
■ Financial Advice
2. Project Management
■ Frameworks
■ Concurrent Monitoring
■ MIS Support
■ Implementation Support
3. Forensics & Security Services
■ Forensics Technology Services
■ Fraud Management and Investigation Services
■ Comprehensive Investigative Due Diligence Services
■ Whistleblower Management
■ Forensic Accounting
■ Quantification Of Loss
■ Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions
■ Intellectual Property Risk Management
■ Licensing Management Services
4. Operations Management
■ Operational Excellence
■ Supply Chain Management
■ Logistics Management
■ Process Improvement
■ Business Service Transformation
5. Company Law Services
■ Company Formation/ Registration
■ Drafting Of Legal Documents & Deeds
■ Company Law Procedural Matters
■ Secretarial & Other Legal Compliances
■ Appearance before Authorities
■ Corporate Restructuring
■ Search Reports
6. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
■ CSR Policy Formation & Review
■ Social & Environmental (S&E) Due Diligence
■ End Use Monitoring
■ Specific Studies
7. Software Development Services
■ Development of Web Site
■ Development of User need Based
■ Software in all business models
8. Allied Business Services
■ Shop & Establishment Act Registration( Proprietary Concern)
■ Incorporation of Company (Private Limited/ Public Limited)
■ Formation of Partnership / LLP
■ PAN/TAN Registration
■ Value Added Tax (VAT) & Central Sales Tax (CST) Registration.
■ Service Tax Registration.
■ Central Excise & Customs Registration.
■ Factory Act License.
■ Registration under Various Labour Laws.
■ Import & Export Code
■ Electronic Data Bank


■ Lender Engineering Services
■ Valuation of Land & Building
■ Valuation of Plant & Machinery
■ Insurance Surveyor
■ Market & Research of Quality Suppliers
■ Turnkey Project
■ Environment Agency for Water/Soil Testing
■ Mortgage and Capital Raising
■ Assets for Acquisition & Disposal
■ Portfolio Valuation


Through our NGO “SAMADHAN Samiti”, we are designing and delivering our social services that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

We educate, update and train budding entrepreneurs with latest technology, schemes, processes and business planning to achieve their mission by becoming a successful entrepreneur. To inculcate leadership quality in entrepreneurs for sustainable enterprise and exponential growth of opportunities and employability. We are committed to nurture youths of the through various industry based programmes at our educational venture “Institute for Corporate and Industrial Research (ICIR)“.

Solutions with innovation
Awareness about opportunities
Mentoring by industrial professionals
Accessibility of available resources
Dedicated Team
Hands on Training
Action according knowledge
Nurturing through incubator

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