Business Loan

Before a  Business loan is  considered , the  Bank generally examine following points:

  •  How much does the borrower want exactly and is that enough for his purpose?
  •  For how long does the borrower require an advance and at what rate of interest?
  •  How is the borrower going to repay the advance?
  •  Is the borrower in a position to offer any security? What security does he offer?
  •  When does the Bank get the security and from whom?
  •  How soon does the borrower want to draw the money?
  •  Is the full history of the borrower available? Has the borrower ever failed in business, etc.? What about his Balance Sheets—does he bank elsewhere?

Bank  also take into account the personal qualities of the proponent such as honesty, business experience and capacity and the willingness to repay the advance. The purpose of the advance and the capacity of the borrower to generate adequate income to repay the advance are primary considerations for granting an advance. Tangible security, whenever it is required by the Bank for the ultimate safety of the funds to be lent, is of secondary importance.

We give due credence to above aspects for facilitating Business Loan for your entity