Registrations Amendments

Registration…… Starting your business can seem overwhelming. What do you need to do? Where should you start? To guide you through the process, we have developed specialized team of experts which provide you guidance right from formation, registration, finance till the time u need us.When a person desires to start a business or any new venture, he needs to comply with several procedures and formalities. He goes through several registration formalities like registration with Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT, PAN etc. All there registration requires time and money.

Amendment, a formal or official change made to name, registered address, management or nature of business. Amendments can add, remove, or update the same. Amendments can be made in the:

a)      Name of the existing company

b)      Registered office,

c)      Management

d)     Nature of business.

There are different formalities and procedures to be complied with for introducing amendments.

We simplify the whole process for you …so that your hard work will be safe and utilize in other profitable ventures….