Form a Company

Company formation is the term for the process of incorporation of a business. It is referred to as company registration. The business being registered may be a new-start that has never traded before or it may be an existing organization or sole-trader business that is restructured as a company. The process is very simple and registering as a company offers many benefits. It requires four basic information-

  1. Type of Company which you wish to form
  2. Purpose for which you wish to form a company
  3. Place of Business
  4. Person involved

For the rest, we are there to assist you!


 Private Limited Company Rs. 7000/- plus Govt. fees

 Public Limited Company Rs. 8000/- plus Govt. fees

 Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) Rs. 8000/- plus Govt. fees

 Non Profit Company Rs. 9000/- plus Govt. fees

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