Non Profit Organization

Society Under Society Registration Act, 1860

Any seven or more persons associated for any literary, scientific, or charitable purpose, or for any such purpose as mentioned in the Act, may, by subscribing their names to the memorandum of association, and filing the same with concerned authority form themselves a society under this Act. As per Section 20 of Registration of Society Act, 1860, the following societies may be registered under this Act:-

  1. Charitable societies,
  2. The military orphan funds or societies established at the several presidencies of India,
  3. Societies established for the promotion of science, literature, or the fine arts, for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge, (the diffusion of Political education),

The foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading-rooms for general use among the members or open to the public, or public museum and galleries of paintings and other works of arts, collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs.

Trust Under Indian Trust Act 1882

According to section 3 of the Indian Trusts Act 1882, a trust is an obligation annexed to the ownership of property, and arising out of a confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner or declared and accepted by him for the benefit of another or of another and the owner. The person who reposes or declares the confidence is called the ‘author of the trust’; the person who accepts the confidence is called the ‘trustee’ and the person for whose benefit the confidence is accepted is called the ‘beneficiary’.

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