Corporate / Clean Loan


Term loan/ Guarantee assistance shall be extended either for the purpose of equity infusion in new power project or for acquisition of an existing power project. The power project shall include generation, transmission and distribution projects. All existing borrowers in the power sector whether Government or Private, including State Governments and Holding/ Investment Companies of State Governments. The extent of funding shall be determined on the basis of appraisal so as to ensure that the cash flows of the borrower are sufficient to service total debt satisfactorily.


It is the kind of loan where no primary, secondary or collateral security is taken by Bank. Cash Loan given to individuals to meet any genuine credit requirement of the borrower for personal purposes. For granting such kind of advance is fully on Bank’s sole discretion, the bank may reject any request for such kind of advances.

The bank may taken in to consideration the following facts
1. Credit worthiness
2. Reputation
3. Capacity of the borrower to repay the loan in a stipulated time.
4. Any third party guarantee for the borrower.
5. Monthly/yearly earning capacity of the borrower.

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